10k White Gold London Blue Topaz Ring…

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bstnhckygrl The stone is a GORGEOUS blue, I have no other jewelry of this color and I love it. The fit is true to size and it seems to be sturdy: the stone does not "rattle" in the prongs as some rings with large stones do. The ring was larger than I expected, however, but the dimensions are listed so I should have checked them. The stone is bigger than any of my other rings and I didn't like it at first because of the size, but after a day of wearing it and getting used to it, I love it. The details on the band are pretty, as well, and make the ring look more unique. My only complaint is that the prongs of the ring get caught in my hair and on my sweaters. Overall, I love the ring and I get compliments on it all the time.

McKaysail gorgeous dark marine blue, green ring. band looks like platinum. very simple, pretty design

rndenice This ring is beautiful and well worth the price! GREAT VALUE! Thank You!!


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10k White Gold London Blue Topaz Ring…

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