“With God All Things Are Possible” Re…

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Anonymous I found the hard back book that was purchased by my Father in 1966. Well, Here is my story. I have been going through a bad break up with a man who I love very much. For the first time in 17 years I found myself facing Valentine's Day with no Valentine. I said one day "God, You are going to have to be my Valentine." "Please, send me a Valentine's Day gift." On February 10th,2003 I found this book while looking for something else. It just so happens that the belonged to my Father who passed when I was just a girl of 12,26 years ago and the day I found it was the day that my beloved step-Father had passed 15 years ago. So it was a double blessing to find and just what I have been needing. I sure wish I had found this years ago.

Anonymous This book was given to me more than 10 years ago while I was going through a divorce. It has helped me tremendously. Since then I had given away 8 of these books to relatives and friends. Each chapter has a prayer to give you strength and comfort and to remind you that God Is Everywhere and All Things are Possible. I keep mine near by my bedside. This book is not just a regular book, it's more like a reference book, you pick it up to read in time of need, despair, guidance and comfort.

Anonymous I have my original copy which I purchased over thirty years ago.This book serves as a supplement to my Bible. But if you never read a Bible you will get such a source of guidance, comfort and very clear and concise direction for your life. I am making this purchase for the Women's shelter my church and I will visit during the holidays. Wish I could purchase more.


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“With God All Things Are Possible” Re…

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