Sterling Silver 1mm Box Chain Necklac…

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kelentaria I have had this chain for about 6 months now sadly has broken twice. I was however able to put I back together into working order. I realize there is a warranty on it and can be returned with it's tag and receipt, but soon after purchasing I lost both.

It was a replacement for a chain that was broken beyond repair. I must say the charm I wear on the chain is quite heavy and stood up very well to the weight. All in all i think it is very goid quality for the price

dederbug I bought this for a necklace given as a gift but the chain was too short.

It is the perfect length to show over my clothing and is very durable!

I'll have this chain for years!

grymsr Godd strong chain. Very flexible and sheer. Catch is easy to work. nice product.


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Sterling Silver 1mm Box Chain Necklac…

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